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02 Feb 2022

Emma - Sixth part

Welcome to the sixth part of this series focused on building a SQ competition car. The class where I hope I can compete, is the EMMA Sound Quality (S) Skilled OEM-class

Links to more resources EMMA Finland and EMMA International

Make it silent!

Last time I treated the trunk and doors with some sound deadening, but there was still too much noise while driving. The roof has already been treated, but there was one more place which haven’t yet done…

The floor

Most of the road noise comes from the wheels, which are mounted to the chassis via the subframe etc. The subframe on this car is attached to the front of the floor, so that was the next place to look for making the car even more silent while driving.

Choise of material was DrArtex Gold HD 2.6mm thick butyl and foil absorbion mat. Kouvolan Autokiilto - DrArtex Gold HD

Here is how the floor looked before adding the mat: Not that much material from the factory.

And fast forward many hours and sore hands:

All nice and covered with mat.

We also covered wheelwells as much as possible, as to reduce the road noise:

Wheelwell covered. Passenger wheelwell covered.

Next up, we have some interesting new audio gear for the car, and some much needed rust repairs…