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04 Nov 2019

Emma - Second part

Welcome to the second part of this series focused on building a SQ competition car. The class where I hope I can compete, is the EMMA Sound Quality (S) Skilled OEM-class

Links to more resources EMMA Finland and EMMA International

My first car

My first own car was a year 2001 Skodâ Fabia 1.9SDI (Slow Diesel…). I drove this car to almost 500k kilometers, but unfortunately, some dbag reversed to the right rear door in a parking lot. Dents.


This was the first car, where I started thinking about something more than just bass. So, I came across some real nice 6.5" Fusion Marine speakers (the doors were designed to be wet inside…), and installed them to the doors, with some sound deadening from STP.

Sound deadening with STP.

As I was a student, I did not have the money for 2 way active setup, so I installed some crossovers, and ran the speakers from a really nice older Pioneer deck.

Double din for double power.

Sound was fine, until I got my hands on a real amp…

More power

As you know, the more you eat, the more your hunger grows. I knew that the Pioneer “50” watt DIN headunit was not really outputting 50W, so the next logical step was to buy a amp. My dad fortunately had a old SPL Dynamics ICE-150 amp left from his car audio adventures, and I was able to buy it from him for a good price.

Enter: the most ghetto amp install…